Common Addicting Games to Play

by admin on September 9, 2013

There are different types of addicting games available that gamers love to play. Computer games are the most addicting as it offers a lot of options to entertain people. However, in choosing games it is important to select the one that is not only entertaining but also educational. As the name suggests, computer games can be played online or offline. You can find computer games that imitate actions and adventures. That is why children should be guided by older people when playing these computer games.

Computer games are very addicting thus give negative impacts to people. When we say addicting games, it means that an individual is spending most of his time playing the game. In fact, people addicted to playing games oftentimes forget doing activities that are important in their daily lives. Likewise, addiction to games makes people miss out the more important things like going to school, studies, real life playing time and social lives.

In addition, living in the world of games would make your life dull. Nevertheless, it is inevitable to get involved in playing addicting games because newer games are being developed and releases every now and then. That is why once the gamer gets bored with the game he is playing he can look for a new collection of games to play. Here are some of the addicting games that you can play in your computer.

Adventure games – These games usually involve mission that needs to be completed in order to win the game. It is also considered as role-playing games in which players can portray certain characters.

Puzzle games – Many people are also addicted to playing puzzle games. This game includes solving a mystery, maze, jigsaw or riddle to win the game. Puzzle games involve pictures, colors and shapes. A player should use mind and ability in analyzing the situation.

Action games – These are also considered as fighting games that involve repetitive actions like walking, jumping, flying or running. This addicting game requires the character usually lead series of obstacles in order to reach the goal.

Racing games – Players who love cars and speed as well as the thrill that it brings will surely get addicted to racing games. Also, this type of game usually involves using of vehicles in competing with other players.

Strategy games – These are also addicting games designed for those who love playing games that require obtaining properties, money and other valuables.

Dress-up games – These are the games in which most kids are addicted to. The main concept of this game is about fashion such as dressing up your doll.

Indeed, playing games can be a good past time. However, most people are turned into hobby players in which they spend most of their time in front of gaming console or computer playing their favorite games. If you do not know how to control and discipline yourself, most likely you will be get addicted to playing games. There is nothing wrong to spend time in playing online addicting games but make sure that it does not interfere with other important activities.